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Hey guys ,We are back with Rock Video.. From this video We were done a Verithanam called Prank.. Yeah ! its VJ Siva Verithanam From Sweet and Cool taste of Kulfi…From All of Our Prank video ,We are Prank the Our Loving People. But this time we will done Little Change, the Change which is to be Prank the People.. Yeah we will Prank Our Girl Bestie.. Sorry sorry ,,,,VJ Siva’s Girl Bestie .The concept for prank is Birthday Prank, Wait wait I will Explain in Detail,, Actually-Basically -Fundamentally again sorry Concept hae Solliduran..VJ siva invites his Girl Bestie in our Home for Birthday Celebration of his Girl Bestie. Girl Bestie Saw a Birthday Setup and very Excited for Home in Birthday Celebration . Now the Semi-Climax Begins ,the Cake which is to be Cut at Right Time , the Girl get Ready to have Cutter in Hand, Now our Verithanam Starts with Right Time. We gave cutter to Thrisha Called Litte Cute Dog for his Birthday. Now Girl Bestie Shock Begins, and Our”s Real Veithanam Started and Next the Girl got angry and she done a shocking thing ..the things which is.Climax (Enna ingayae Kadha Ketpimgala ,,Poi Video paarunga…)

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This is an original work by VJ Siva.

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Prankster: Siva Jammy​​​…

Show Producer: Sakthivel​​​…

Asst.Show Producer: Kishore…​

Editing & CG : Pradeep​

Camera : Sarath​​​…

Social Media: Deepak​​​…

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