Drawing Master Prank | VERITHANAM | Kulfi | Tamil Prank | Monk Siva 2020

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Hey guys, We are back with another amusing prank… In this prank, your VJ Siva will be an artist 👨‍🎨🎨 who is going to prank peoples as if he gonna sketch them this is gonna be really fun… let’s see how people will react to him after giving him lots of time and after seeing a disgusting picture instead of their faces on the sheet and they’re shocking reactions…..this is really gonna be extremely humorous and entertaining and delighted to you guys….. Bust out laughing and enjoy 🤣 hear is another stress buster pill for you to reduce and get rid of your stress…

❤ I hope “Drawing Master Prank” will entertain you.
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This video is made only for fun, enjoy the video and drop your comments in the comment box.
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This is an original work by VJ Siva.

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Prankster : Siva jammy
Show Producer : Sakthivel
Editing & CG: Pradeep
Camera : Sarath
Social Media : Vasanth
Marketing Manager : Deepak

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