Crazy Doctor Prank | VERITHANAM | Kulfi | Monk siva 2021

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KulFi is a kind of ice cream-like entertainment that gives flavors like a prank show and more on. Most importantly once you taste our KulFi flavors, You will be a regular customer ( subscriber ) to our KulFi shop ( channel ) to taste more flavors ( videos, etc…) 😍😍

(Hey guys, we are back with another awesome prank video… In this video, our VJ Siva is back with more entertainmentπŸ’₯😜your VERITHANAM prank is back again with a mersal prank😌 VJ Shiva is gonna prank as a doctor …will see how the patient will react πŸ˜…πŸ˜… this is another stress buster pill πŸ’Š(prank) back for youπŸ₯°it reduce your stress
DON’T MISS THE FUN GUYSπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‰ Do watch it.
). Watch this video lots of fun in this video… Sure this will be entertained U Guys. For sure ..VERITHANAM Show came back with a Girlfriend Gift prank …Everyone Got Shocked πŸ’― KulFi Prank Show back again. VERITHANAM with VJ Siva is Back again to entertain us..2020 waiter proposing on girls prank reloaded prank is on. Go and watch it.. the first time in history bike stealing prank in 2020… Funny Videos Back with a version of Pranks. Funny pranks are Finally ready to Reduce ur stress buster …Do watch it.

Prankster : VJ Siva
Show producer : Sakthivel
CG & Editing : Pradeep
Camera : Sarath
Camera : Harish
Social Media : Vasanth
Marketing Manager : Deepak

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