Awkward Call Proposing Prank | VERITHANAM | Kulfi | Monk Siva 2020

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Hey guys… welcome back we are back with another amusing 😜video for y’all in this video your VJ shiva is gonna be a customer😛 who will prank another customer👤 how funny right🤪 this video is gonna be full of entertainment🤗 and fun for y’all. Your VJ shiva atrocities are to the next level this time 🔥. It’s gonna be great fun for you all watch it and enjoy. Here we are back with another stress reliever pill 💊 watch it and enjoy. This is the concept of the show💯💯. Watch this video lots of fun in this video… Sure this will be entertained U Guys. Watch it and enjoy it…

❤ I hope “Awkward Call Proposing Prank” will entertain you.
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Kulfi is a kind of ice creams like entertainments that gives flavors like prank show, and more on…Most importantly once you taste our Kulfi flavors, You will be a regular customer (subscriber) to our Kulfi shop (channel) to taste more flavors (videos, etc…) 😍😍

This video is made only for fun, enjoy the video and drop your comments in the comment box.
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This is an original work by VJ Siva.

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Prankster: Siva Jammy

Show Producer: Sakthivel

Editing & CG : Pradeep

Camera : Sarath

Social Media: Deepak

#AwkwardCallProposingPrank #VERITHANAM #Kulfi #TamilPrank #MonkSiva2020 #ThankYouParimatch #ParimatchIndia

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